LDAP authetication for ServiceCenter (Admin) users

LDAP authetication for ServiceCenter (Admin) users

Can I integrate OutSystems Service Center with LDAP for authentication. If I can, what happens with the password field that needs to be filled when creating new service center user?

If I cannot, is there any password policy (similar to LDAP password policy, such as minimum length and complexity rules, that can be enforced within Service Center?

I prefer to keep security architecture consistent within the application so if I use LDAP for user authentication, the same should also be applicable for service center administrators. However, I am unsure if this is possible so any thoughts re this will be greatly appreciuated.

Thank you,
Pradeep Ballal
Hi Pradeep,

We are working on a new capability that will enable the scenario you describe. It will be available in the (near) future, for OutSystems Platform 9 users. Contact me directly if you want to know more.

Kind regards,
João Miranda