Good day all,

Will i be able to publish my free app to the app store ... or must be an enterprise customer to do that ?
Hi Andre,

I suggest that you start by understanding the differences between the Enterprise and standard iOS developer licenses:

If you want to have your application published on the stores, you need a standard license, the enterprise will not allow you to submit an app to the stores. Also be aware that you application must follow the store policies:
Marco thats understandable..

I was wondering if i had o upgrade from the free version of outsystems to the enterprise version of outsystems to publish my app.. which is going to be free for public use.
Sorry Andre, I misunderstood the question.

In that case, you don't need to upgrade. Remember that the personal environment might have limitations that the enterprise doesn't (backups, database size, availability, SLA, etc.)
the app just pulls stuff from an important excel file..

my thing is how do i make it build the APP.... i dont see any options to export or build to andriod or apple platform.
Hi Andre,

Have a look into 

This is an already working app you can use to access your env. (you need to install the required modules if you haven't already). Now there is not quick way for you to get your application on the stores like that. What you can do for now, is use the OutSystems Now source code, which is available as open source, and do your own custom version.

Here's a more recent resource for you:

Generate and Publish Your Mobile App to the Mobile App Stores

Applies only to Mobile Apps.