Human activity incorrectly auto closing

Human activity incorrectly auto closing

Hi all,

I am having an issue with a HumanActivity I have thats part of a process where it seems to enter the activity but shortly afterwards it closes it without any human interaction.  I'm looking for some tips as to where I can look to try and diagnose what might be causing this?

Steps taken so far - 
  • Debug review of process to make sure that the HumanActicity is being reached.  Also confirmed this by reviewing the BPM_Activity table which shows that it is in a closed status and has a nulldate on the Opened column indicating it was never actually "opened" by a human action
  • Verified that none of the conditional start items are triggering (and none of them are used to Close an activity anyway).
  • There is nothing in the "Close on" parameter for the activity, "Allow skip" is set to no
  • During debugging I can see that the activity gets to a ready status but seems to immediately go into a running state with the is running since and is running at fields filled in on the BPM_Activity table
  • The error count on the BPM_activity table is zero.
  • The only timer running regularly (every 5 mins) is one which syncs back data from an external system to update a record when the external system has processed the data fed to it.  This error happens the step before any data is passed out of the platform to this external system and before this point the external system has no interaction with it
Is there somewhere that logs what triggered the start/closure of an activity when it wasnt a user?  As I mentioned above it seems to "start" and then "close" the activity immediately as soon as it is created

Hi John,

Can you share the specification of this Human Activity and the process it is used on? Does the process close or does it continue to the next activity? Does the Human Activity have the OnReady callback implemented?

To see the actual implementation would really help us help you.

Here is the outline of the process...the problem step is the ConfirmBankCharges step in the bottom left of the process (with the debug icon on it) - 

There is no OnReady action for the step.  Here is the properties window for the problem activity - 

Do you have anyplace in your code that calls the Close ConfimrBankChanges?
Nope, it's not used - 

It's not the 'On Close' that I want to know the usages, it is the 'Close ConfirmBankChanges'...
Apologies, but no, this is not used usages found

Can you upload a screenshot of the process log when this happens?
Screenshot below.  You can see I completed the "Chasier Review" stage, and then confirmed the "Sent on bank" stage....and then it very quickly entered then closed off the Confirm Bank charges stage without any interaction from me before going on to the push to Loaders Automatic action (this is the push to an external system previously mentioned)

(This is really hard to troubleshoot using screenshots :(( )
Both 'Payment: Confirm sent on bank' and 'Payment: Confirm Bank Charges' activities don't have a user set. Are you using the EPA Taskbox to open the activities?
Can you share the details from Service Center of those?
I know this is difficult with just screenshots, it wasnt my intention to have other people troubleshoot this I was just looking for some tips as to where else to look to see where this behaviour could be being triggered from.  I appreciate the help being offered but I'm not in a position to be able to share the app publicly i'm afraid :(

We dont use the taskbox, we have an activities page that builds custom lists of processes available for particular groups of users to action/confirm based on their roles and the activities that are available/ready and updates the processes.  

More worringly though, I can replace the ConfirmBankCharges activity with any other activity and replicate the behaviour where it's closed almost immediately after opening.  Doesnt seem to matter whether I use a brand new activity or a copy of another pre-existing one...the result is the same - It's created, and then immediately closed and never does it get opened (meaning that any destination set on it is never reached).  See the example activity below I replaced the confirm bank charges one with for an example - 

I suggest that you contact support about this issue.
I appreciate the help and was in agreement that support sounded like the way to go but I think I have managed to "fix" the issue by adding in a 1 second wait action immediately before the confirm bank charges step.  This seems to prevent the auto close of the bank charge (or any other activity).

The only thing I can think of is that the process got into some wierd state that was only manifesting itself immediately after the IsElectronic decision point and impacting the first (and only the first) item it hits in the workflow after that point.  Previously that was the confirm bank charges activity and I was able to replicate the immediate auto close with any activity step placed in that spot.

I did some testing this morning where i replaced the single bank charges activity with 2 copies of it and saw that whilst the first one would always auto close the second one was able to be completed normally.  I then replicated this with other activities in those spots and regardless of which combination I used the 1st placed one would always auto complete, and the second would be available as normal.

So, adding a 1 sec delay (any duration appeared to work fine) step prior to the confirmbankcharges activity also seemed to do the trick as the activity was no longer the first step after the decision point (ie. it was no longer the item run at the point where it appeared as though the process workflow caused problems or was in some weird state).

Thanks again for the assistance and sorry again for being unable to provide much more than a few screenshots.  It was useful to at least sound out some thoughts on the problem!  Whilst I dont really have an explanation for what seems to have caused this I at least have found a workaround for now that enables things to move forward.