increase font size in service studio

increase font size in service studio


ist it possible to increase the font size in service studio mangement site

thank you for help

with best regards
michael kirschner
Hi Michael,

Try to use Ctrl+ mouse wheel on the flows and on the expression editor to increase the zoom.

Since the latest release ( I noticed something changed in the font rendering... it's like before it had "Clear Type" and now it doesn't. 

"Magoa-me a vista", I would say in portuguese :)
Hi João,

Do you have a comparison screenshots so that we can see what you mean?
You may have to zoom in, but the text on the right has more black.

I don't see a difference, perhaps you have a higher dpi than I do....

I can notice the difference ... but the one of the right is actually better in my opinion (at least on my screen is alot better)

And yes, the text rendering was changed between versions and now it uses the latest a WPF fixes to avoid blurred fonts.
It's supposed to be an improvement ;)

Oh and it's not the ClearType that changed, Its the "Ideal" mode that was changed to "Display".
Here is the microsoft post about it:
It has a example screenshot that shows exacly the same than yours: "more black"

João Rosado
Hi João,

thanks for the feedback. It was obvious something had changed when some of my coleagues made the same remarks about the text after installing the latest version.

About the improvement, I suppose it's ok... but when you're working with Service Studio since version 5.0 a change like this one is hard to pass unnoticed.

I must take this opportunity to say that the "memory management" of Service Studio also needs improvements ;)

Anyway, kudos to the R&D team. 
Regarding to that, memory management was also improved in the last 2 Platform 9 releases.