How to publish an espace in a farm using service studio?

How to publish an espace in a farm using service studio?

Hi guys,

How can I do this operation and ensure that the espace is publish across all the front-ends?

Should I connect to the loadbalancer subdomain (that might connect to one of those front-ends) or to the main front-end (where is controller)?

Any more tips on this?

are you saying you only have "front-end" servers?

not atleast dev-environment, or more proper, a otap-street?

there is a reason LifeTime(tm) is invented :)


Yes, we have a dev-environment.

What I'm asking is for a scenario where I have to publish something urgent in one espace in production. I will not use lifetime for this. How can I guarantee that, with service studio, the espace is publish across all front-ends?
Hi Carlos,

OutSystems Platform takes care of that for you it is not lifetime that does that. If you publish the module directly on the environment console (service center) it will be deployed in all front-end servers
And if I do it in service studio? Does it work Andre?
Yep. Actually service studio doesn't compile anything. It just sends the module definition to the server to be published. So it is the same.
Also relevant is Selective Deployment... a great feature of the platform.

More info here: