OSP 9 and antivirus client best practices

There is a link from 2007-2009 but is there anything current for current platforms that we can review on our production systems?

Hi Jack,

I'm pretty sure these best practices didn't change. EDIT: Can you tells us what is the link?

i would but cannot put link by linking or cut and paste. 

it is your own forum and discussion 3472/tip-improving.
version 4.1. and 4.2 back in 2007/9 mentioned.

symantec client scanning process greatly changed since then. 
Hi Jack,

So this is the link: www.outsystems.com/goto/anti-virus-best-practices (by the way you can just copy and paste it here from that forum post...)

As you can read on the post - although it is a post from 2007 - it references OutSystems Platform version up until 9 which is the latest, so this information is up to date.