Does anyone have a tip on how to get an editable table to paginate?
I have a screen that I want to use the editable table functionality, but now that I have over 200 records I can't get to all the data....
I could not get it to do that, but I did successfully add search criteria to the table which enabled me to make the list short enough to get to the row I needed. Not a complete solution by any means.

I added an idea to combine the functionality of the edit table with the regular table widget.
It's still a newborn needing some nurturing. The other day I found out that an ajax refresh of an input will change the style of that input widget of an EditableTable.

Thanks for the feedback... seems an obvious omission to not have pagination. I also have the search working, but it's not going to be a production ready workaround so I'll revert back to the old table record. Maybe OS could comment on a timascale to fix the lack of functionality?
is there a new update on this? I need to add pagination to my Editable Table Record..
See this post: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/12339/pagination-in-an-editable-table/, where OS says it's not supported.
Hi folks,

I happened to be looking for this same issue and though I'm not sure EditableTable widget does not support pagination, I came up with a workaround, using an editable TableRecords, with pagination. Code in attach. Hope this helps anyone looking for this solution in the future.