Hi everyone,

On the new editable table, on "OnTableRowSave" event, if I do a server validation and change the Field.Valid flag to false, is there any way to keep that row in editable mode?  Right now the value is not saved on the DB, and a red border appears in the field, but the user needs to click to make it editable again.   

Best regards Nuno
Hi Nuno,

Thanks for your feedback.

You are completly right, the UI is bit strange in those scenarios, but that was a design decision, as you can start creating a new row immediaty after saving (asynchronously) the previous one, and there was no easy way to make two rows editable at the same time (the actions bellow would overlap).

We do now it's a bit strange, my reccomendation would be to send a feedback message when there are errors (e.g. "Order details was not saved because it's invalid, please correct it.").

We'll probably revisit these scenarios in future versions to provide a better experience.

Tiago Simões

Do we have an update on this issue/scenario? Thanks!

hi Tiago,

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