Build an app in 5 minutes does not work.

Build an app in 5 minutes does not work.

The tutorial stops at Create a Table From Excel File. The orange arrow hovers below the Data tab (which is greyed out and cannot be clicked). In addition, the Tutorial box cannot be closed, help button cannot be clicked. It is as if the environment freezes.

Any suggestions?
Interesting issue:
If using a touch enabled device with a keyboard external attached (Specifically, Surface Pro 3), certain areas of the development environment (processes, interface, data, and logic icon/tabs and popup tutorial window) are not responsive to Mouse clicks. However, they are responsive to screen touches.

Any ideas?
Hi Travis,

It's a known issue, check this post for a workaround for now.

Also the has that issue fixed, but was removed from the main download section due to a problem with the .Net Framework version requirements that should not be an issue on Windows 8.1.

Still the Service Studio looks wierd when Zoomed with the DPI settings, so the workaround is still recommended.

João Rosado

Thank you! The workaround did the trick!