How are "Resources" stored

The docs on the Data > Resources folder do not say how the "Rescources" get stored.

Are they stored as static files on the file system? Are they stored in the database as binary data? Do they get uploaded to the moon and kept by alien invaders?

Storing binary information in a database is generally a very frowned upon practice, and using "another service" to store files I already have a dedicated server running for is also not an option.

Could someone iluminate what the "Resources" section of the data view actually does?

Braxton Bragg
They are packed inside the OML file, and deployed to the web application according to your wishes.

If they are not being deployed to the web application, I believe they are kept in the application directory in an inaccessible folder.

OML files are kept in the database for versioning, so the resources technically do get to the database, but are not kept there for runtime access.