FullCalender modifications needed


We are using fullcalender in an application and need to get a few items modified on it for our version.  For example if the person viewing has appropriate permissions a X will be at the top right corner of each reservation, click the X and it deletes that scheduled time.  We can take care of the code within OutSystems, just need the inputs and outputs for fullcalender and the fullcalender rendering taken care of for this.
Hi Jason,

You may want to post to the discussion area of the Forge component itself so it will alert the team working on it. 

But also, since it is on the Forge, what's preventing you from enhancing the component to your own likings yourself? I've more or less copied and pasted the web block to use the shell and rewritten most of the code for my own usage as an example.

Thank you for the suggestion on posting a discussion to the forge component itself.  Will do that shortly.  For why we don't do it ourselves we are in the "proof of concept" phase of using OutSystems and want to get that done but don't have the free time as of right now.  Also its been awhile since I have worked with Java.
Ah ok, well if you are working with a sales represntative, they may be able to assign a pre-sales engineer to assist you with this if you need it asap. It doesn't hurt to ask :)