Spell check all text that has been used in a module

It occurred to me that exporting the language resource provides a neat summary of all text fields in the module in one location that can be easily edited and ...
That is where I have run into an issue. There is no method that I have found to replace the base level text without specifying a locale or doing it by hand.
The Excel export provides a useful tool for the business to easily correct typos, grammar or other issues that they see in the text without having to sit and walk through the module with a developer to find them.
The multilingual "Edit translations" is useful to find the text quickly but still requires a developer to reference the Edit Excel and make the changes by hand.
Does anyone have any other methods or ideas around cleaning up spelling and grammar easily on a module?
Hi Ouen,

I don't see any other way of doing it. You can suggest an idea to improve this.