Boa tarde
pretendo inserir anúncios google numa página mas não estou a conseguir, como posso inserir JavaScript numa página  do site?

I Need to insert some google ads in a website page created by outsystems, how can I insert the JavaScript webblock ??
 Thank you
Hi Nelson,

You can put javascript in an unescaped expression. Place an expression on the screen and set the 'Escape Content' property to 'No'. Then you can place the javascript inside that expresssion.
Also, in case you want to reuse it throughout your application, you can use a Webblock widget and on the Advanced Properties use the JavaScript option to insert your code.
Then you can use it has many times as you want in all your screens.
This means you can also have a webblock for each ad size or pass that parameter into the webblock.
And means you can create some layout on your ad, margin, etc...

Thank you André and Tiago, I will try this and get back to you if I need a little extra push (i am a newbie working with outsystems)