List_BulkSelect unchecking when associated with multiple links

Hi everyone,

       As a result of Drag and Drop of entities the below is created and the default link associated with the List_BulkSelect is the "Delete Selected Risks", the one that is pointed by the red arrow. Now, I added new links , pointed by the black arrow, and I associated them with the List_BulkSelect together with the  "Delete Selected Risks", which is the default. Now the problem is that when I'm done processing and I re-render the screen the List_BulkSelect still has a check on it, how do I remove the check on its check box when I re-render the  screen? Thanks guys, more power.


To achieve that you should set the boolean variable associated with the checkbox to false, by using an assign widget in the Preparation of the screen, inside a foreach record of that list.
Hi Tiago,

Thanks, actually my problem was this one:

When I'm done processing something and re-render the screen, the List_BulkSelect checkbox still has a check on it, how do I remove/reset that? I already used List_BulkSelectToggleEnabled, actually it was there by default, and it doesn't seem to work if the List_BulkSelect widget has more than one link associated to it. Thanks.
The normal behavior is to clear all selections including the header widget when the screen is rendered.

Did you change the javascript of the widget? Or have something that may conflict, like the widget inside a container with some event?
I did not change the javascript of the widget but I've change the AssociatedLinkIds property of the List_BulkSelect widget like this:

Link1 + ", " + Link2

It will enable both links when I click the List_BulkSelect or any other check box below, but that's when the check was never removed in the widget after re-render.
Hi there,
It's somewhat minor, but I believe your problem might just be the space after the comma. Don't forget the Id of link also.
Change it to:
Link1.Id + "," + Link2.Id

Did you manage to solve it?
Hi Tiago,

     No it still didn't work, I'm still figuring it out by experimenting
Hi Tiago,

Do you have a solution on this?


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Hey All,

I am using the list bulk_select widget and having the same problem. When selected the selectbox for multiple users and after that when I do unselect  then still that check is appearing in the selectbox.

Can anyone help how to overcome this?

Please find the attachment for clarity.



Hi iSh,

Can you please share your oml so that I can troubleshoot the issue ?



Hello Ish,

Have you used Refresh Data to refresh the data and then Ajax Refresh to refresh the view as shown in the attached image?
Select your table wrapper to refresh it in Ajax Refresh.