Create web service in OutSystems that defines XML attributes in the response

Hello, I am not sure if this is in the knowledge base or in the forums, but I cannot seem to find it if it is.
I notice there is a way to import and export XML with attributes using the XmlRecords extension, but I am trying to figure out how (if it is possible) to create a web service in OutSystems in which the WSDL defines the XML in the response to have attributes, not just elements.

For example, I want a web service to output a standard MISMO structure like this:

            <LOAN_PRODUCT_AND_PRICING MISMOVersionID="2.3.2">
               <LOAN_PRODUCT ProductProviderName="XXXX" ProductIdentifier="XXXX" ProductName="XXXX" LienPriorityType="XXXX" LoanAmortizationType="XXXX" MortgageType="XXXX" PerChangeMaximumIncreaseRate="XXXX"/>

and not something like this:


Please let me know how I can do this if it is possible.

Thank you for your input.
Hi Daniel,

The web services feature was not design to allow specifying a specific contract in the requests/responses.

I googled a bit about the mismo format in web services and all that I could find were "methods with a single xml string parameter" and not an actual wsdl contract requirement to have the web service with the mismo format.
Did I miss something?

João Rosado
João, thank you for your reply.

I am not trying to make the web service follow a specific contract for the response by dictating a WSDL.

I am simply trying to mimic the structure in my response.
Particularly, I need to know if it is possible to create a web service in OutSystems and define which parts of the response are elements and which parts are attributes.