Is it possible to catch chart click event?

hi Team,
is it possible to capture a click on chart? Say we build a piechart / donut and capture a click on any one pie; such that we can change something on that click?
Hi aashish,
Charts have that event built-in. If you select the chart web block, you can set on its properties the event OnClick with an action as destination.
Thanks Tiago.
However, will the OnClick tell me what sectoin on the pie chart was clicked? so for example i have a pie with 3 sections - Region1(20%), REgion 2(40%), Region3(40%). can i know that Region 1 was clicked ?
The click will not distinguish where in the chart you have clicked.
A suggestion for you is that on the action linked to the click, you could present a popup with 3 sections of the pie and ask the user to choose one and accomplish that selection you want.