Create a new Extension Module

Create a new Extension Module

I created a new extension module in a existing application. The Integration Service created the module in .xif file, but the module doesn't appear togheter the home/main module of the application. The list modules of the application list only the main app module. How can I resolve this?

Hi Roberto,

Please check if it appears in the "Indepedent Modules".

Hope it helps you.

Best Regards.

Daniel Martins
I checked now, and my environment (development) has not the Independent Modules application. Thank you.
Hi Roberto,

Just so we can rule publication issues out, can you confirm you have published the Extension? You can look it up in Service Center. I find it odd that it doesn't show up in neither your application nor in the Independent Modules. It will only show up once it is published though.

Ricardo Alves
Great Ricardo!
I published the Extension and it was showed in the Independent Modules. Then I moved to my application. Solved. Thank you.

Happy that it solved your issue.

Thank you Ricardo also for the hint.