Hello everyone,

Does anyone know how to Send Emails on Outsystems with inline images?

It seems that OS doesn't support this, and the only work around is either use a third party Email extension or parse the email Body, replacing all image tags by external links (storing all email inline images on our DB...)

Hi João,

Yes, it is a known issue on the current version (I did a fix for it already and will see if can get it on a revision patch), but if you have the image on your eSpace and just use it as a static or dynamic image it will still be included inline as an attachment image and not as a external link to your site.

João Rosado
Hi João,

Thanks for your quick reply! 
Unfortunately adding a Static or dynamic image won't work because we built a system were the user can reply to an email inserting images on the Email body (by CKEditor).

Looking forward to the fix you mentioned!


Hi João Duro,
The new Release Candidate mentions "Support inline base64 images in Email" as a fix. Check it here: http://www.outsystems.com/home/downloadsdetail/88/1380/

What if i need a external image, not as base64?

I want to monitor if a recipient read an e-mail, so i'm creating a pixel image, that is a webscreen that processes the request and then delivers an image to 'undercover' this action. And if the platform just converts my request to a base64 this won't work.

I don't want to use the Extend Properties, because it woud fill some mail box. I want to update my database.
This issue "inline images as base64" is ONLY talking about images where the binary content is inline with a data:// URI scheme.

It does NOT have anything to do with an image linked with http, https, etc.

If you need to link directly to an image on another server, try either using the standard Image system, and if that does it as an attachment or inline as base64, try using an Expression with "escape content" = no to write the img tag into your email.


Also realise that remote images are typically blocked by e-mail programs, and depending on your implementation may end your e-mail in the spam folder...
Yeah, I know, Kilian. But that is the only way i could monitor the reading of messages.

Thanks. We'll use an external service for it.
I'm told you also need Platform Server


Can anyone confirm if email inline images is working in version 10.0.302.0

Thx in advance.