Adding input parameter or test values(in 9.0) to a query in development environment 9

Adding input parameter or test values(in 9.0) to a query in development environment 9

Hi All,

I was recently upgraded to 9.0. here I found difficult to add input attribute to test query. Can any one help me on this 

Venkat Gude.
Hi Venkatesh,

Aggregates have scope awareness, so instead of input attributes you now have access to all the variables available in your scope. You may have to create local variables in some cases and set the value you want to use in your query.
If it is actual query then I can follow this but here my problem is just to check the values in entity i.e just test query in this case also do I need to create variable in scope?

Venkat Gude
Like João said, if you want to condition your query, you can "add filter" in the aggregate where you can use input parameters or local variables already present in that scope. You can then put a value in "test values" for that variable, the results will appear in the content canvas while you make this changes.

If you just want to take a look into the entity, like it seems from your previous post, just drag and drop the entity on the aggregate and you don't have to do anything else. The records will appear immediately on the content canvas
If the entity have many records for example 1000 or more in this case how can I view all at a time?
In 8.0 we can set max records value but here in 9.0 I didn't found such type. Can you help on this..

Venkat Gude.
I'd say the results in aggregates are limited to 16 rows max... Why don't you use Oracle SQL Developer or SQL Server Management Studio if you want to see so many rows during testing?
For so many rows you can go with João suggestion.
One workaround, in case you don't have access to that, is to use a "dummy" webscreen with restricted access where you just use drag and drop of your entites to the an aggregate and to the table in the screen and then go to your browser to navigate through the records in the beatiful outsystems layout.