Deploy a application to multiple envirmants

Deploy a application to multiple envirmants

Hi all,

Is it possible in Lifetime to deploy an application to multiple environments. 
So example I have an application in development application A and I want to deploy this application (with off course its dependencies) to test environments B and another test environments C. 

Maybe a better example is if a customer has multiple production environments all over the world.
Can I do this with 1 deployment plan or do I have to create multiple, or isn’t this possible?
With LifeTime you don't have parallel environments and you can't deploy to multiple environments at once.

You can have an infrastructure like this:

DEV A > TEST B > TEST C > (...)

And you can deploy from DEV A to TEST B, and then from TEST B to TEST C. This will be done with 2 steps (2 deploys).

When you say "multiple production environments" you want to say one production environment with multiple front-ends, right? If so, you just need to deploy to the production environment and the Deployment Controller Service will deploy yours apps for all production front-ends in one step.
Hi Carlos,

Thank you for your answer, this confirms what we have been checking.