Bulk Email to User Group

Hello OS,

I was wondering whether it is possible to bulk send an email to a user Group.
This group would be configured in the Users Espace.
I can't seem to find any post explaining this.


Hey OS,

Any suggestions? Should i change the approach i'm attempting to follow?

There's no built-in capability for that, but it should be easy to go through all the users in a group (Group, Group_User, User (System) entities) and send each of them an email.

thanks for the reply. Under the system module i only have the "user" entity, which contains no info about the user groups that were manually created. Any way to make the other tables show up?
You'll need to Add / Remove references and import additional entities.
Tried that already. Here is a screenshot of my results.
What am I missing?
These entities are references from the (System) "special" eSpace, not the Users eSpace.

Basically, you want to scroll up to the top of the module list and use the first one instead of Users :)