SEO URL trailing slash /

I have encountered a problem with the SEO URL plugin/service center component.

I am attempting to create the URL:
Where url points to page.aspx?DepartmentId=NAME

I can do and
I cannot however do without it breaking the CSS for every page of my website.

It looks like a specific problem to the espace theme CSS URL not getting a precoursor / like the rest of the CSS themes.

It doesn't just break the CSS to the specific rule URL, it breaks it for the entire site, even the base site URL with no paramaters/page names.

Has anyone encountered this problem and found a way to work around it?


Hi Braxton,

Looking at the SEO code it is indeed a current limitation, your path needs to have at least two // for all css links to become full paths.
So website/Name won't work but something like should work.

(Note: didn't try it, but looking at the code it should work)

João Rosado