[App Icon Forge] Icons Number

[App Icon Forge] Icons Number

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Published on 2015-04-15 by André Vieira
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Published on 2015-04-15 by André Vieira

How come the Try Now link (http://andrevieira.outsystemscloud.com/AppIconForge/) shows 590ish icons and when publishing in a "regular" server we got 368 icons?

Can we somehow update the RichWidget Icons to the latest version?
Hi Pedro,

Because the published version is already using the latest version of font awesome (4.3.0). But that version is not yet bundled in with OutSystems Platform. I haven't decided yet if I'll wait for it to be bundled in or if I'll publish this version to the Forge. I also suspect that most of the people are using this link to generate the icons and therefore it  is not that relevant that I update to Forge component.

You can't update the RichWidget component but you can decide - like I did - to include yourself the fontawesome in your application.

Thx for the reply André

And if we decide to include it in the application, like you did, we can still use the Icon widget or need to create one for the <i> ?

And can you give some guidelines to do the same procedure in our apps?

Yes but...

What I did was create another static entity that has the missing icons on the IconName static entity. They have the same structure which is basically one attribute (Class) with the css class of the icon. Now the Icon web block is expecting a IconName static entity record so if you feed it with a MoreIconName record it will complain about the data types, but fortunately it is just a warninig that you can ignore. Not pretty but it does the work.

Obviously you wont get suggestions and preview on the scope tree but you get preview on the editor.

Basically what I did was reproduce what is done in RichWidgets. Add the fonts as resources of the module. Load the fonts in the CSS of the app along with the classes wich is basically the setup of fontawesome.