OutSystems inaugurates new headquarters

OutSystems inaugurates new headquarters

It was a well hidden secret but is being revealed today: the mistery building, covered until today, that left many wondering what it might be...
Is the new OutSystems headquarters!
Beautifully placed on the margins of the Tagus (Tejo) river is sure to be a new tourist attraction of the already trendy and historic city of Lisbon.

OutSystems Headquarters

Is the elevator for this building a ferris wheel?
You could have an yearly tradition, like, fly a helicopter or catapult a daredevil through the hole!  :P
My coworker is wondering when the "S" building will be placed next to it.
That's right Tiago.

And following OutSystems acquisition last year, there is the rumor of another one being done soon, also in California. These rumors started with the construction of a new, a bit different, building
I was starting to feel lonely: no humor around here? Now I see I'm not the only one.
I wonder if Apple will build the S building too :)

DISCLAIMER: This is obviously a April Fools prank.
That building could actually be a good idea though...
I'm kind of late but a nice one would be if OS announced they would bring Simple Queries back...
Congrats guys for what seems to me an interesting platform!

The real new headquarters may only be on their way IMHO, once the community grows and become creative.

Still diving into the nitty-gritty of the platform and the unvaluable videos posted on Youtube (in my spare time).
Hope that they'll inspire me to come up with something valuable to share either a product design framework or ideas to explore.