Use QlikView as ETL and render reports in Outsystems

Use QlikView as ETL and render reports in Outsystems

IS there a way to read QlikView data from outsystems directly.

What i mean is would like to use QlikView as main ETL to extract and map data from differetn source ssytems.

Then finally would like to use Outsystems to present data reading data from QlikView.

Please advise how to achieve this.
Hi Paulo,

Thanks for your reply. But i had already gone through that thread.

Our requirement scenario is:
We will use Qlikview to map / load data from multiple systems. Then we wil lcreate summary pivot table in QlikView ui.

Then we want Outsystems to refer that QlikView pivot table to render OutSystems bar chart or any other chart based on need.

Can you please advice how can this be achieved.
Hi Sridhar,

Which integration methods can you use with Qlikview? Database integration? Other? You'll have to investigate that before deciding how to do it with OutSystems.