manually type in schedule for a timer?

manually type in schedule for a timer?

The help section says you should be able to manually type in items for the schedule of a timer.  However, it looks like on the timer setup you can only go through the popup, not manually typing it in.  Anyone else seen/fixed this?
Hi json,

Where are you reading that?
The help for the doesn't mention that.
The only place that you can type the schedule is in Service Center where you can choose the Effective Schedule of a timer.

João Rosado

In studio I go to help - developing - timers - timer properties "


Defines the time and frequency when the Timer is awakened. To specify this, double-click on the property name or click on to open the Timer Schedule Editor.



You can also directly type in this property. See Schedule Formats

Can I type this in directly via service center?
Oh ...I was there and missed it, sorry.

Yes, in Service Center after you publish it appears In the Timers tab. There you can set an "Effective Schedule" that is different than the one set at design time.
In that edit screen you can type in the input directly.

Not sure when the input in Service Studio stopped being writable. I don't remember to ever having written there, always used the popup. (also can't check it right now since I'm on my mobile phone)

João Rosado
Well found it in service center.  For an application we are doing we are running the time every minute.  Unfortunately it looks like you can't type that many in.  So the first of a couple will be once a minute from midnight to 05:16.
So far I have seen that use case a couple times.
The solution has been to create 5 timers with the same action, having them shifted by 1 minute each.
So first timer runs at 00:01, 00:06, ...
Another at 00:02, 00:07, ...
and so on.

The main consequence ia that with a single timer if your action took more than 1minute it would effectively skip a run (because the platform guaranties that only 1 instance of a timer is running at a single moment) .
With multiple timers if you action takes longer than he interval between them, they will run in parallel.

João Rosado

Good idea.  I just did them in line for now (hadn't read this yet).  All its doing is a query on a table and a couple of increments.  Should take alot less than a minute to do that.