Outsystems Install on Power7 Architecture

Outsystems Install on Power7 Architecture


I'm trying install the Outsystems 8 on Power7 Architecture (IBM).

The SO is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x and the Java version is Java SDK 6 GA (POWER7) that I did download from IBM website.

I noted that in the YUM step where JBoss and some services are installed, an error happen ("required: java"). I don't know if the YUM repository expect the java x86 instead Power7 Java installed, the $JAVA_HOME is set, if I execute java -version I have all java information.

Anybody know if there is any work around for it? Install the platform on POWER7 from IBM?

Thanks regards
i have probelm to install outsystem
Hi YouIsif Did you install in the end? It is Power7 server also? Regards

Also, even if you get the java to work, the platform has at least 1 binary component that is compiled for x64 architecture, so I'm not sure it it work at all on a Power7.

João Rosado
Hi João,

The Power7 is 64bits (64-bit IBM POWER) too and the OS is Red Hat.

The only difference is that processor is not x86,  I needed install a specific JDK from IBM for this processor on Red Hat.

The error occurs in the packages in the YUM that the platform use to install JBoss and all the services. Do you know if these packages are compiled for x86 only? If yes, I really will not make it work on a Power7.

Thanks regards.
Tiago Vital
Well, all dependencies from the rpms will most likely have the power7 correspondents (since we don't require any wierd stuff), but the platform was never tested on a power7 so we won't be able to say that it is supported on it.

The component I was talking about is actually built by us (used to manage disk symbolic links from inside java) and it is distributed inside the platform. It is built to x64 arquitecture, but from what I read (googled a bit) power7 looked like it required specific targeting even tho both are 64 bits.

The platform is not supported (or works at all ) in x86 (32bits) linux machines.

Sorry if I'm messing up something, just trying to anwering your answer from what I read.
And that following the above rational if x64 binaries are compatible with power7 (but without special optimizations) it should be OK to install it as long you manually install the necessary dependencies and force the Yum/rpm to ignore the missing dependencies.

Tell us if you manage to get it working correctly.

João Rosado 
Ok João
Thanks for your time.
I received today a answer from Outsystems explaining these points that you are telling me.
I had to turn of the Power7 server and set up a another x86 server.
Outsystems not support Power7 architecture. Even if I had success on install, we will not have product support if a bug appear.