Can't login to app

I've started on the "Build an app in 5 mins" quick intro. After publishing the app the guide states "login using your credentials" but I get an "invalid login" every time. What have I done wrong?
Hi Andrew,
I suppose you are on your personal environment, right? The same credentials you use on outsystems website will be valid on your app. You can also choose to have your app visible to "anonymous" users.

To manage your users credentials use this link:
https://(your environment)
No luck.
I can log into my Personal Environment, Video tutorials, Development Environment and Development environment, but I can't log into the app.
I have looked for a reset password link in credentials to see if that helps, but I don't see one.
Found it. All OK now.
Andrew Mann wrote:
Found it. All OK now.
 Andrew, Hello. What and where did u finde the solution? I have the same issue.

hellow . I am trying to start for first time the environment but a error "contacting to your account^show every time. i am behind a network and a fortinet. thank you

Hi Gus,

Can you share an image of your issue? Is this on the OutSystems website or when connecting through Service Studio?

Also, although it's free, there is actually a support contact for Personal Environments at but you might have to wait a bit.