Email Sender

Email Sender

Good day,

I would like to ask if there is another way to send emails other than the built-in email sender? 
This is because our clients have a different email format and it seems that the email sender always treat it as an invalid email which I also think is really an invalid email. The email address contains no .com, .net, etc.

Thank you in advance.
Hi Patrick,

By email sender you mean the SMTP server?
That can be configured in Service Center.
Administration -> Email

But I'm not sure what you mean by the builtin because I think that the default is not being configured. Probably you installed some application that set it up with an example email.

João Rosado
You should be able to send emails using the Richmail extension.
We've used the REST services system in OutSystems 9 to integrate with Mandrill's APIs. Took only a few minutes, and it gives us ultimate control... though we lose the ability to use the email screens and the "test email list" functionality in non-production environments.