Changing "type" in the Extended Properties Panel for a button

I have seen several people mention that you cannot change the "type" property of a button in OutSystems.  I am confused because I am not seeing this behavior.

I did the following to test this:
  • Made a new application, used the responsive template
  • Checked the Anonymous role on the default web screen
  • Dragged over three buttons, made their destinations the current page, and made them not default
  •      On the first button, I did "type" = "button" in the extended properties panel
  •      On the second button, I did "type" = "stuff" in the extended properties panel
  •      The third button was left alone (did not alter the type)
  • Then I published and opened it in the browser

The following is the HTML that is generated.  The "type" changes between the buttons due to me changing the "type" attribute in the extended properties panel.  This goes against what people have been telling me is possible, and I'm confused as to why this is the case. I'm using version, with the Java stack option.

Hi Mike,

I am one of those as you probably remember. I've tested again, this time doing the exact same steps as you did, and again I see the normal behavior of not being able to change "type" of a button.

But, with one difference: I am on .NET stack. I haven't tried on Java stack... That may be the cause for this.
Interesting, perhaps this is a difference between the .NET and Java stacks with OutSystems.  I'm wondering, is there a documented list of differences between the platforms?

Looks like a bug in the java. That is not supposed to be possible and the correct behavior is to be the same as .Net.

João Rosado