Incorrect web screen shown in browser

Incorrect web screen shown in browser


I've been working on an app for more that a week now which was working perfectly. However while I was working on it today, I wanted to test my app by clicking on the open in browser button and for some reason it shows a login screen with a username & password field (the same one that appears in Common. Please see screen), which is not the same screen as what it shows in the design screen. 

Basically I have a MainFlow with an entry point which connects to a Home page however, when viewing the app in a browser it shows a differnt screen than what it suppose to. So what I then did is that I created another app that only had an entry point pointing to a blank web screen and for some strange reason it still shows a login screen in the browser even though I did not add a login screen.

Can anyone help me regarding this as I can't seem to view the correct page in the browser.

Hi Amit,
Select your Homepage and in the properties pane (lower right corner) look for the "Roles" and tick the "Anonymous" role.
You see that login screen because your Homepage is protected - you are allowing access to only registered users.