Image upload



I'm creating a classified listing. I want to upload an image for the classified ad once I create the actual ad. Does the image import "intelliwarp" have to be in a Edit or Show record screen?

Are there any examples for this?

Basically I want to go to an "add new" screen, include the image upload button w/ image preview. Once all fields are filed out- save the classified ad and display it with a thumbnail and then inside the details of the ad show the full image. All the examples I see are for edit screens.

I'm having an issue pretty much like it, the thing is that I can't upload the image.

I follow step by step this video:
and I can't see the filename nor the filetype in the attributes of my DB, I can however see some binary data "0x00" (just that) in the image column. It's a binary data type.

Can anyone help me please? Or is it a sample or something that works in the latest version of the service studio (9).
If you have something, please share it, I know it will help me. 
Every single graind of sand helps!!