[Human Readable Change History] Required Type "Object"

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Published on 2018-11-23 by Johan den Ouden
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Published on 2018-11-23 by Johan den Ouden
I'm having trouble figuring out how to implement this action.

The details for this forge item tell you that "OriginalRecord" and "ChangedRecord" are a record or set of records.

However, once published and referenced (In OS v9) the "OriginalRecord" and "ChangedRecord" require the input paramater of type "Object" not "record or set of records."

Selecting the unchanged and changed records generates the error: "'Object' data type required instead of 'XXX Record'.

Trying to create a session variable of type "object" and putting the original record inside it also creates the error "'Object' data type required instead of 'XXX Record'.

Were the input paramters of the RecordDifferences action mistakenly changed to type Object from Record or Record List?

Also, just as a side note, "- Locale (to use the correct translated strings)" is also not self explanitory enough to know what information is expected/needed to be entered into the field. Searching the DiffEntityDataToText espace for it's uses also do not return enough information to easily discern what's expected.
Hi Braxton,

Try to use ToObject() to convert the record to an Object data type.

Just another word to set some expectations... The requirements indicate OutSystems Platform 8 so you might get into some problems using this in OutSystems Platform 9, namely because there were some changes in the type system...