Publishing my application

Publishing my application

Hi, I already did until the point 4.2, but when I publish I obtain the next error:

Can anybody help me?

I did exactly what was suggested!

Thanks in advance,
Miguel Pinto
Are you running the application by typing the url in browser or running it through the blue button (Open in Browser)?
if possible please share your espace oml.
Hi Pramod! Thanks for replying!

I have tested both ways with any luck!

I submitted my oml!

Hi Miguel,
I've downloaded your oml and published it and then opened it in the browser. No problem.
What is the error you get in the error log of Service Center? Go to:
Hi Miguel,
I too run your application and is working fine without any issue.Can u please check your service center log for more detail.

You can check the error that i have in my service center in the next image:

Hi Miguel,
Your oml was just fine as I said.
With that error detail, I see the problem is probably on that second point [2], Error executing child request. It's an Error Message When You Use Server.Transfer or Server.Execute in ASP.NET Page. That's my evaluation.

I'm not sure if this will solve it, but probably will:
I recommend you republish "System Components" solution. How? Go to your service center, under "Factory" select "Solutions" and click on "System Components".
Next, just click "publish" on the latest version (if you have more than one).
Hi Tiago,

It works!

Thanks a lot.