Help Needed - Plotting a projection graph across 36 months.

Hi All,

I am still working with my Sugar CRM piece which i recieved some fantastic help on last time i posted here.

I am looking to build a graph which projects the expected returns from each opportunity.

At the moment my entity has a field for each month eg. Month1, Month2....Month 36. However this is tedious to use at times. Is there a better way to do this?

In lamens terms the graph should function something like this.
For each Opportunity pass the value of the opportunity into the revenue recognition profile and then return the result.
eg. Month the first Opportunity is worth 20000$, this has the revenue profile of 20% a month applied to it so it increases the value of month1 by 4000, month2 by 4000 etc.

If  this is not clear please let me know and I will try to clarify further.
Hi Tom,

Why not create an action that receives the opportunity amount and returns a List of Datapoints.
Inside the actions you'd do a cycle to calculate month over month. Something like this:

which would yield something like this:

I've attached the sample module...
You can try it live here
Hope it helps.

So... Did you just gave us a glimpse of the next SStudio version Gonçalo? :-)