Autocomplete in ios 

Autocomplete in ios 

Hi, I am implementing a functionality in my app that uses the autocomplete widget in the richwidgets. What it is supposed to do is search for a user (in a provided list). I can currently and correctly select an item from the list in desktop and android, but in iOS it does not select the right user (the one I clicked), it retrieves me the first item of the list. 

How can I solve this issue?

Thanks in advance.
Hi there,

Been having the same problem, on our case when we were trying to find out what was the problem we discovered that if we removed the webblock widgetsforlayout from silkui from our custom layout design the autocomplete worked ok in ios.I know this is not a solution but it kindah helps pinpoint the issue.

Has anyone came up with a solution for the problem ?

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Hi Mário,

You can try a workaround by using the Search and AutoComplete component.