how to generate java code 

how to generate java code 

i noticed that the service studio generate C# code but i'd like to generate java code how?

Service Studio does not generate code. It's the Platform Server (server component of the OutSystems Platform) that generates the code.

If you installed a .NET Platform Server, you'll have .NET code. If you install a Java Platform server, you get Java code.

In any case, the generated code should be pretty much inconsequential to you. Why do you make it a point to have Java code?
thx Ricardo for your response
I'm still very much a beginner , and I’d like to know if I can create application using service studio and get the source code of the created application in java to be able to use it in other application or adding more functionality 
or ....?

No, you can't.

applications generated by the OutSystems Platform are meant to be used specifically for that server and are not prepared to be moved to other servers. You will always be required to have the OutSystems Platform running in order to use Service Studio to generate your applications.

It is possible to detach your existing code from the OutSystems Platform, but that option is only available to you when you wish to leave the OutSystems Platform and not be an OutSystems customer anymore. After this, you'll be able to maintain and evolve your code directly in Java.

Please note that the value proposition from the OutSystems Platform is that using the platform you will be so much more productive that you won't want to build code the old-fashioned way anymore :)
it's clear now 
thank you very much :)