Bulk importing of resources

Bulk importing of resources

We have a problem where we have hundreds of varous resources (images/css/js etc.) in quite a deep folder structure. Is there any way to programatically add these resources to an eSpace without having to manually add them one at a time? 

Alternatively is there a different or better way to manage all these resources?

sorry for the late reply.

but there is no bulk-import of resources.

furthermore, there is not really a need to import them.
as long as you know the url you can include them in you application.


It can be done with Service Studio from the command line:
ServiceStudio.exe -importResource espace.oml resource_filename [target_path]

Just my 2 cents on this topic:
In most cases I actually prefer to use the javascript and css directly in the Web Blocks instead of adding them as resources. The only exception to this is when there are multiple javascript file with relative urls between them.
The platform does a great job adding them in the correct order and when necessary in the pages.
Here is a topic with a discussion on adding them as Resource/AddJavascriptTag versus adding them in the Web Blocks. http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/7548/integration-of-jquery/

João Rosado