Hello guys!

How can we implement the same behaviour of a setTimeout() in OutSystems?

  • When some one posts on a discussion group the system sends a notification email to all the users of that group that want to be notified everytime somene posts on that group. 
  • If the user posts a comment with an error/typo/mistake he has 5 minutes to delete the comment after that is not possible.
  • We want to trigger the notification email only after 6 minutes and validate if the comment was deleted or not to make sure we don't send a notification email to the users about a comment that might be deleted.
Thank you guys for your time and help!


Hi Hugo,

You can use BTP to archeive that behavior (on create - launch process).
You can check my "social network" component in forge, I have that behavior implementented.

best regards,

Hey Hélio ;)

Ty! Will do that.