.NET Core & Outsystems

Hi everyone,

I was updating myself on the latest developments around .NET Core open source project... It has been already about a year ago since it was first announced (by that time it was .NET vNext) and I just kept wondering to myself what impact this could have on OutSystems.

Any thoughts on this?
Will we have Development Tools (Service Studio, Integration Studio) support for .NET Core 5? Or maybe even a Platform Server running with .NET Core?

Considering .NET Core can take .NET to other platforms, you can see already how this could impact OutSystems too... As I see it, Microsoft is increasingly building apps on other platforms and would like to use common code for some of that itself - that is, in my opinion, the main reason behind .NET Core.
Considering WPF is not included in .NET Core I don't see it happening.
Note that the OutSystems Platform for .NET does not depend only on .NET. It uses IIS and Message Queues, for one.

Unless these get ported to other platforms as well, I don't see this having much of an impact.
That's right João. For now neither of the two GUI libraries, Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), are included.

For Windows Desktop development, the full framework will continue to be the choice for developers using technologies like Windows Forms and WPF while .NET Core seems to be the framework of choice for developers building ASP.NET or Windows Store apps.

Ricardo, thanks for the feedback. .NET Core is still in its early days but it's worth keeping an eye on it.