The generator and its templates

The generator and its templates

Hello all!

I am recently getting into model driven development, and trying to learn as much as possible about it.

Therefor I would also like to learn about the generation aspect of Outsystems. From a previous question I understood that there are 2 instances of the generator, one compiled in C# and one compiled in Java, is this correct?

I also understood that the generator makes use of templates. Are the templates limited to the target language only (e.g. Java or C#), or are there also templates for HTML, SQL etc.?

My excuses if these seem silly questions, but I'm very new to this topic.

Thanks in advance!


Why not continue this discussion here: ?
Joao Heleno wrote:
Why not continue this discussion here: ?
 Hello Joao!

I'm not familiar with the forum policy but it's been a few days since anyone responded on that topic, so I didn't think anybody would answer on that topic anymore. Next to that, these are new questions and therefor (in my opininion) not limited to a single a post.

Any chance you could answer my questions? :)

Hi Sven,

I'm afraid I cannot answer your questions. I do not have that specific knowledge. And I'm might be wrong but you wont get much detail about the process of generation apart from a few generic topics. The secret is the key to the business, they say :)

Hello Joao!

That would explain the silence on my previous post. Do you think my questions are to specific already?
I personally had the feeling that they are still quite generic and therefor answerable, but maybe I am mistaking.

Since I'm new to Model Driven Development I'm trying to grasp the concept of templating, which is why I asked the question that I asked.