Names of tables in database

Names of tables in database

Hi all,

The namegiving of the tables in the database is somewhat cryptic (outsystems.osusr_6d4_executable8). Also from the application it is hard to see what tables are used for that application. Application maintanance would be easier if the app tables would have logical names. 
Is there any way to define the names of the tables or to identify the right tables from the application?

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environment: Windows 2012R2 server, MySQL, Platform server (client: service studio 9.0.038)

Run this query and substitute your espace name:

select physical_table_Name,, as eSpaceName from osadmin.ossys_entity en join OSADMIN.OSSYS_ESPACE es on EN.ESPACE_ID = ES.ID where like 'MY_ESPACE%' and es.is_active = 1 and es.is_system = 0 and en.is_active = 1 and en.is_external = 0 order by physical_table_name;