email sending

Hi guys

On my cloud environment i can send emails via the smtp mandrill but when I try to configure the email for my company's smtp it ony goes to pending status and does not send, any comments on this and why it is happening? Any solutions to the problem will be gratefully appreciated 

Hi Joshua,

Can you see any related error in the error log (in Service Center)?
Also in SC, Environment Health, confirm that all services are up and running (in particular the Scheduler, which is responsible for sending emails).

It may be the case that a firewall is preventing access to your SMTP server from the cloud environment - on this case you should work with your IT in order to grant access.

Hi Paulo,

I checked the scheduler in en Environment Health and saw that the it is up and running but has a warning message. When i click to check the details there is a warning in Emails Fetcher and Email Processor saying that Emails Fetcher is asleep and that Email Processor is in processing status for more than 30 seconds
Do you have any related error in the error log?
I dont have any related errors in the error log 
I tried using another smtp but now its returning an error in the error logs. i have attached a screenshot for your refference
Googling the error gets some info... see here, for example.