Chrome 42 and Java

Starting with Chrome version 42.* Google disabled the Netscape Plugin API, which is used by Java Plugin to hook into Chrome.

Due to this when you open a page that uses java you will be redirected to an Oracle page.

To resolve this, go to chrome://flags/#enable-npapi and enable npapi, then restart chrome. 

(thanks to Pedro Borges for the hint).
Hi João,

To add to your information, this happens with Java but also with other plugins like Silverlight, Facebook Video, Unity and even some of Google's own plugins like Google Talk and Google Earth.

 Actually, NPAPI plug-ins were blocked since January 2014, but some of the popular ones were whitelisted, like the ones I mentioned above. Now, the NPAPI itself is disabled, and the plug-ins using it no longer appear on the chrome://plugins/ page. Unless you enable it again, like you said: "To resolve this, go to chrome://flags/#enable-npapi and enable npapi, then restart chrome."

The reason is that NPAPI has become a leading cause of hangs, crashes, security incidents, and code complexity...