Upgrading to 9.0.1.x

Upgrading to 9.0.1.x

We have many apps in Production and can only upgrade the Platform Server once per year. We have already gone to V9 this year. Is it still worth upgrading the Development Environment to 9.0.1? What will we not get when running against a 9.0.0.x Platform Server?
Hi Gerry,

Yes it still worth upgrading.
There won't be any more 9.0.0.x releases as 9.0.1 is backward compatible. So you should treat it as a normal revision release.

The only feature that will not be available is the Expose REST APIs. It will not let you create REST Services while connected to an old server as they won't publish there.

João Rosado
I see that maybe other things will not be available to those with Platform Server 9.0.0.x. Like the Application Template/Wizard... Is that true?

Can someone please double check and see what is not available to those upgrading the Development Environment to 9.0.1.x and running with Platform Server 9.0.0.x.
Hi Gerry,

Did you have issues with it? The templates feature should not be dependent of the server.

João Rosado
I have not tried it yet. I'm trying to understand what will work and what will not work before I ask the team to upgrade their Development Environments. It seemed lately like it was more than the REST feature.
Hi Gerry,

In fact you can only publish new templates in servers with 9.0.1. But that should not stop you from using the upgraded version of the Development Environment with older servers.

Tiago Simões
Ok. So, Exposing REST services and publishing new templates. Anything else?
I would say you won't get the various enhancements on LifeTime either, like:
  • a redesigned permission model;
  • a more-flexible control of the staging process.
Check these posts:
Hello Gerry

In addition to all the new features and enhancements we've released with the 9.0.1 version, you should also expect general bugfixing of the OutSystems Platform components to be only available in 9.0.1 revisions from now on.

So if you bump into a blocking issue that requires a platform fix to overcome it, this fix will become available in a 9.0.1 revision instead of a 9.0.0.