Custom list on public action error

Custom list on public action error

Hi there,

I would like to give you an update about an error that occurred.
In an espace I created a function with a custom created input list.
Within the espace there are no problems using this action.
Only using the action in another espace is not possible.
It will give an error when updating the dependencies.

Maybe you guys can fix it in the next update.


never had that issue, so curious what you did :)


Can you tell us what error exactly do you get?
Some screenshots, espace or error would help your post there is not enough information to even try to replicate it.

João Rosado
Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply,
So you create a public action with a custom input list like:

Then the input structure:

Try to include this function in an nother espace and you will get service center error that the whole program stops!

Small other problem this richtexteditor that you use for the forums, when trying to add images in a IE browser it won't work, needed to use Firefox.


what's the service center error.
can you give a simple oml.
and what version of platform,service studio are you using?

Hi Statler,

Im using the Outystems cloud, its running on Version
Just Create 2 espaces in 1 of the espaces you create a function with the inputparameter with this structure:

Then go to espace 2 and include the fuction from espace 2 you get this error:

Sorry for the mistake of the previous picture the input was set to Input record but the input should be list of record.

besides submitting it actually.
also click on "here" so you can see the stacktrace.

Hi Statler,

Did you already had the time to try to build the error your self or are you waiting till I place the error on the forum?