showing progress bar while executing some actions

showing progress bar while executing some actions

Hi there !
I have 2 questions on showing progress status !
  1.  I need to a have progress bar which should show the status of process completed while ececuting an action. can any one tell me if there is a way around to show the percentage of my actions completed ?
  2. i am running sql loader process by executing a batch file from outsystems. Is there a way i can show the progress on data load at outsystems interface?
sample oml is much appreciated !

Hello Leo,

Is that action triggered by an action on the browser? If yes, you should run it through a timer, so that is asynchronous to the user. After that, if you have an entity where your timer updates the progress, is just a matter of fetching that progress, maybe using a Javascript SetInterval and show the progress to the user.

Pedro Cardoso
Hello Pedro,
Thanks for your reply. Yes, that action is trigerred by an action on the browser. I am quite confused with using the timer to acomplish this requirement. could you please elaborate a bit.. as i said , sample oml is much appreciated.... waiting for your reply .. :)
Hello Leo,

Since you need to show a progress bar, I'm guessing that the operation is slow. Since you probably don't wat to keep your users waiting, the best way to achieve it is useing an asynchronous operation. In OutSystems, that is best achieved using a timer.

Hi Pedro,
but i have seen issues with using timer as if for reasons the timer doesnt stop then i cant kill it using any of  the means via program. i have to reset the iis as it operates via web service.
please correct me if i am wrong.
In fact there's no simple way to kill a timer in a easy way. One way to have it is to have a site property that the timer checks once in a while to see if it should continue operating. That way you could control it's execution.

Nevertheless, that should not be a problem when development is done, unless you wat your users to control that. If so, I would say that you need to have the mentioned site property and enable the user to abort the process.