Tabs_Client side - Screen resulation issue.

Tabs_Client side - Screen resulation issue.

Hi All,

I have a requirement that  , I have a details tab( show page). In that I have used to tabls client side widget wich contain duynamic tabs. Ex: one record have 5 tabs dynamically . another tab have 15 tabs dynamically.

But My problum is if I have 15 tabs dynamically It is display only 5 to 6 tabs as per the screen resulation.

Can we have any option / property to display all the tabs at a same time?

Please advise.

Sattibabu Vatti.

The need for so many tabs will seriously hurt UX. The best would be to group some of those tabs, when so many tabs are generated. Can't you adapt that?
Hi Tiago,

is it possible to display tabs in multiple rows.

Ex: if I have 24  tabs ,  can I break 6 tabs for each line and generate 4 lines?

Please advise.


The way TabsMenu is built you won't be able to do it. The Richwidgets TabsMenu must be inside a container called Tabs_Wrapper, and a second TabsMenu inside that same container will not work.

You really would have to build it on your own to achieve multi-level (rows) tabs.