Personal License for On-Premises Environment

Personal License for On-Premises Environment


I currently have the Personal Environment as everyone else, which runs in the cloud, but I was trying to get my own "Personal" test environment on-premises (my own machine) and I got stuck in the License error...

I installed the Platform Server, published System Components but when I got to publish Lifetime my adventure came to an end... It asks for an activation code but the one I have from the personal environment doesn't work.

Can't I use the same license? This doesn't have nothing to do with my Business/Employer, it's just a way for me to test/practice with the new versions, as they become available, and to mess around as I like with different scenarios.

To complete my previous post (not editable by now):

I know there was a Community Edition in the past, not available for download anymore that would fit what I need.

But another way is to allow the Personal Environment "License" to be used on the OutSystems cloud but also locally - On-Premises or our own private cloud - using the same account and sharing the limits of that personal free account.

It you are using your PE for company work, convince your company to register for a trial and respect the Personal word in the name :)

I know all the disadvantages of PE over CE (hosting, disk access,...) but it fits most cases you may need to test. And if it is to use offline you can't "share the limits".
It can be used offline and then it's not possible to share the account limits. Good point.

But it's an easy solution, just create a developer license, with certain low limits (software units, users, etc...). There could even be a Premium developer with some higher limits, that could have a monthly price. For me, the "low limits" is enough, I just want to test/practise different scenarios, I don't want to host any complex application with lots of software units... OutSystems can easily check these limits, that's what's being done in all other licenses.

You can request a community license on and upload it to your service center (the last time I checked this license had only 30000 SU). 

I don't know if it still works for the newer versions of the platform.
Hi Bruno,

I just tried what you said. I did get a license and uploaded it - it does work but it's valid only for platform 8... Damn! :) Why not the new platform? This license is supposed to be used to give a try on what the platform can do.

OutSystems is not promoting this community license in the website anymore, I think this community version has reached its end-of-life.

Edited: By the way, I have already contacted OutSystems directly by email requesting information on this.
Please tell me how that goes.  I'm interested in finding out what happens! :)
For those interested, I have feedback from OutSystems:

"Currently we don't have a free on-premises installation option as you can see on our Personal FAQ.
Since the introduction of our Personal Environment in the cloud, we've decommissioned the community edition installer and it is not possible to issue a license for new versions of the OutSystems Platform."

Another option is to go to an Enterprise License, but that is out of my budget and out of my intent/purpose.

For now, we have to keep using Personal Environments which, imho, is aimed at management roles or newcomers but lack features when used by developers. There are certain functionalities I would like to try but I can't - it's not possible on cloud personal environment. Of course I won't use clients installation for this, so I don't have any option available...
I think there is a free trial period for the enterprise license which could allow you several days of trying those things out for free.
I will ask for an enterprise trial when I can take the best out of those 30 days. Let's see if they approve it... 
I am using personal edition to evaluate features. I know my projects are deployed in your cloud environment.  I would like to know, is there any separate On-Premises edition available, so that I can develop, deploy and manage my projects in my environment itself?.  Please help
hi Pargunam,

Sorry for the delay... Hope this answer is still useful!

Yes! OutSystems Platform Enterprise can be deployed to the cloud, on-premises and even under an hybrid configuration, with some environments in the cloud and others (e.g. Production) on-premises.

If you're interested in an on-premises trial (there are different trials available), shoot me a private message and I'll walk you through the next steps.