[eMail Services] Is this component still okay for the platform 9? 

[eMail Services] Is this component still okay for the platform 9? 

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Published on 2010-12-22 by André Vieira
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Published on 2010-12-22 by André Vieira
Hi All,

I need to manage different email accounts form the platform. Shall i use this component or there are new features that have been developed in the mean time?

Hi Simon,

Can you develop a bit what you mean by managing different email accounts?
This is in fact a rather old component and it includes dependencies to other components that are deprecated. With some effort it would be possible to revamp it removing these dependencies and polishing the look and feel but it really depends on what you want to determine if it is an acceptable effort for you to invest...

Actually, I also need to process emails from several inboxes in order to create documents on a document management system.

Is it better to update this solution or is there any other component to do this?


Hi Andre,

Let say that i need to send email from different email addresses.
The server is the same but some times the email has to be sent by orders@.... some times by client@...

Many thanks for the help!
Hi Simon,

You can do that by setting the From property on the Send Email tool.
Hi Francisco,

I suggest you take a look into the Cases app. It implements the pattern of reading a POP3 account just like eMail Services did.
Damn, I'm still in version 8...

Thank's though
You can use the personal environment to inspect the code and reproduce it in your app...
Hi Andre,

How can you insert the password into the send email tool? The only field that you can edit is "from"


You can't. Your email server settings must use an account that allows to send emails with a different from probably...
okay, thanks!